PART 1 PART 1 About Folkuniversitetet About Folkuniversitetet In this first part of the training you will learn about how Folkuniversitetet came into existence, about the core values on which the organisation rests, and you will get an overview of what our various activities look like. Folkuniversitetet is an adult education association which operates an enterprise in the form of popular education and adult education throughout Sweden. Our idea is to give people opportunities for a richer life though knowledge and creativity.
The idea of adult education -- every person's lifelong right to freely seek knowledge -- permeates our pedagogy, our organisation and our values.

Slide Film: Our history, our roots and core values
In this film Petra will tell you about Folkuniversitetet's history, our roots and core values.


”The intellect is not a vessel to be filled,
but a fire to be lit.”
Plutarch, philosopher

Slide Folkuniversitetet's three
enterprise branches
Folkuniversitetet's enterprise exists in various parts of the educational sector. We have therefore chosen to divide our enterprise into three categories -- three different branches on which the organisation rests.

One branch is adult education. Adult education encompasses study circles, research communication and events like lectures and concerts. The second branch is the school enterprise which consists of everything from upper secondary schools, professional university training, and public universities to schools of art, music and drama. The final branch is the assignments enterprise -- where, among other things, we collaborate with governmental authorities, create training for employees and for entrepreneurs.

Slide The trademark
Folkuniversitetet is a well-known trademark which stands for good service and high quality. The name and the logotype represent the organisation, but it is our co-workers who are the absolutely most important carriers of the trademark. As an employee or a voluntary co-worker in a large organisation it is easy to forget that we are also part of the trademark. In every meeting with the outside world we are building the picture of Folkuniversitetet. And we do it together.

Our four core values University connection, independence, renewal and internationalization are the core values upon which our organisation rests and which provide the basis for our trademark promise:

”With a close connection to the universities and a high level of quality, we offer activities, courses and training for people who take responsibility for their learning and their personal development. Folkuniversitetet – for you who want more”

Slide Did you know that? Folkuniversitetet is one of Sweden's largest organizers of polytechnic courses. Folkuniversitetets evening academies gave birth to Komvux. Folkuniversitetet has several upper secondary schools, all with college preparatory programs.

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