PART 2 In this part of the training you will learn more about how Folkuniversitetet's organisation functions and to which region your office belongs.

Slide The regional offices Folkuniversitetet consists today of five free-standing foundations and is divided into five regions with seats in Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Umeå. Trustees of the foundations are the universities and the student unions in the places mentioned, and Folkuniversitet's federation. At Folkuniversitetet's federation chancellery in Stockholm we coordinate our joint development work and work, among other things, on communication, observation of the outside world and the regulatory structure of adult education.

Click on the links below if you want to know more about your region, your office or our federation chancellery.

Region Syd with head office in Lund

Region Väst with head office in Göteborg

Region Öst with head office in Stockholm

Region Mitt with head office in Uppsala

Region Norr with head office in Umeå

Slide Web and Social media On our homepage,, you can find information about Folkuniversitetet and the enterprise we operate. On the home page it is also possible to apply for courses and training. Most of the offices have their own sites on the web where local information and current activities are presented. You can find these pages by going to the tab "contact us" [Sw. kontakta oss] in the menu on

For communication and collaboration within Folkuniversitetet there is a common intranet. The intranet is called Infu, and on it you can read about current events and find contact information for employees. On Infu you can also follow joint development projects within the organisation.
Folkuniversitetet is also on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Mynewsdesk.

Folkuniversitet's joint Facebook page is called:


Many local offices also have their own social media profiles.

Please do follow us!

Slide Did you know that? Folkuniversitetet has about 1,500 annual employees ... ... and about 5,500 circle leaders. The ballet academy belongs to Folkuniversitetet and is one of the leading dance schools in the Nordic region.

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