Introduction to adult education

The adult education introduction is an obligatory part for circle leaders and newly employed personnel in the adult education enterprise.

Part 3 of the introduction contains an orientation about the distinctive features of adult education, gdpr, societal support and various enterprise forms. Whether you are going to be a circle leader or work as an administrator at one of Folkuniversitetet's offices, it is important to understand the structure and the various areas of the adult education enterprise.

Introduction to adult education


Slide Film: Adult education with support from the government Here Zlata will tell you about the generic term adult education and what it means. CLOSE VIDEO CLOSE VIDEO

Slide Why governmental support? The government's legislative proposal 2013/14:172 "Knowledge for all - education for all" [Sw: "Allas kunskap - allas bildning"] formulated a specific goal for adult education policy.

"Adult education must give everyone an opportunity, together with others, to increase their knowledge and education for personal development and for participation in society."

The fundamental reason that adult education receives governmental support is that it is to contribute to a democratic development of society. It is the parliament which decides on the nation's purposes in providing support, and here you can read about the four overarching purposes:

• Support an enterprise which contributes to strengthen and develop democracy
• Contribute to making it possible for an increased number of people to affect their living situations and create engagement for participation in societal development
• Contribute to counteracting educational inequalities and to raising the level of cultural awareness and of education in society
• Contribute to broadening the interest and increasing the participation in cultural life

The task of the Adult Education Council is to allocate, and to follow up, the government's subsidies to folk high schools and adult education associations.

The Adult Education Council is operated as a non-profit association with assignments for governmental agencies which are given by the parliament and the government. Do you want to know more about the Adult Education Council? Visit:
Our profile All adult education associations have their own distinctive characteristics. Folkuniversitetet's profile is consistent with our core values: university connection, independence and renewal. The profile affects us, for example by our having a large offering of research lectures (university connection), our not having any member organisations which govern us (independence), and our engagement in projects which develop our enterprise (renewal). Folkuniversitetet's profile is visible in our activities, but we naturally focus on our task as an adult education association: working for democracy, increasing participation in society, and counteracting educational inequalities.

Intro Information about GDPR Folkuniversitetet needs to handle a lot of information in order to be able to operate its enterprise. Part of the information is our own while other information relates to participants, clients and collaboration partners.

Folkuniversitetet strives for all information, regardless of who owns it, to be handled in a controlled, secure and structured way in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or the Data Protection Regulation [Sw: Dataskyddsförordningen].

The regulation contains rules on how companies, governmental authorities and organisations may collect and use personal data. It applies throughout the EU and affects all who deal with personal data.

A personal identification number is required as a basis for a governmental subsidy in adult education.
What is personal data and what is sensitive personal data?

Personal data is every kind of information which can be connected to a unique physical person, such as personal identification number, name, address, the computer's IP number, photos of the person, certificates and other references, data about health and political views. Certain data is more sensitive and more worthy of protection than other data and requires a higher level of security in its handling.
What must you think about when, as a circle leader, you handle personal data?

As a circle leader you are responsible to protect the personal data which you handle via the digital attendance list (DN). This means that you may not save our personal data in other systems and that you will handle your logging in to DN in a secure way.

Never send sensitive personal data via e-mail. If you mail to several participants at the same time you must use Bcc (secret copy), which means that the recipients can only see their own mail information in addition to the sender's.

If you want to know more:
- education on Folkuniversitetet's Moodle-platform with deeper understanding

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Slide Did you know that? We are one of the country's largest language teachers with courses in some forty languages. Most of our language teachers teach in their mother tongue. Folkuniversitetet has developed Swedex, an international language examination for Swedish as a foreign language.

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